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Do I need to download apps separately on the S-Drive Display?Updated 2 months ago

Downloading apps is not necessary, as the apps on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) will automatically show up once you pair them with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Simply swiping side to side in the CarPlay/Android Auto sections of the S-Drive display, will go to the next page of apps.

While the S-Drive supports a very wide range of apps, not all apps are supported. If you don't see the app you are looking for, ensure you go to the settings of the CarPlay or Android Auto system on the display itself, in which you can arrange apps and see which optional apps can be added.

The S-Drive is also integrated with Screen Mirroring functionality, enabling you to see all the content of your phone on the 10-inch touchscreen, accessing apps that cannot be downloaded on the display.

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