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Can I use the Power Magic Pro (PMP) with the new DR900X/DR750X?Updated a year ago

If you are upgrading from the S-series to the new X-series and you already have the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) installed, you can actually keep using it. All you needed to do is swap out the old male cigarette power adaptor cable with the one included with your X-series dash cam.

This applies to the BlackVue  DR900XDR750X and DR590X.

Hardwiring Kit vs. Power Magic Pro - which is better?

It depends on how often you want to use parking mode recording.

While both give your dash cam access to your car battery for power once the ignition is off, the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) actually offers you the added option to toggle parking mode on or off via the ON/OFF switch.

This feature comes in handy if say, you want to turn off Parking Mode recording when you’re parking in your home garage, but have it on when you’re parking anywhere else. The ON/OFF switch doesn’t impact your dash cam’s recording capabilities when the car is in drive - only when the ignition is off.

We have an article if you would like to learn more : BlackVue X-Series: Battery Pack, Hardwiring Kit or PMP?

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