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Can you use a rear dash cam as a backup cam?Updated a year ago

Technically, it is possible by using the app viewer to preview what your rear dash cam looks like to see it in real-time, but it is a tedious process in setting that up every time. We would not recommend this for several reasons:

  1. Unless you are using a tablet, your phone’s viewing screen is small so it won’t be a big help for maneuvering your car.
  2. You would need to make sure your dash cam can horizontally flip the rear video feed, otherwise left and right would be reversed. 
  3. To get a good view of the space when backing up, the backup cam needs to be installed directly above your car’s rear bumper. But, we all know that the dash cam’s rear camera should be placed on the top of your car’s window to give you the best view of the road behind. 

We recommend getting a separate backup camera for that purpose instead. With the right setup, dash cams and backup cameras can work very well together in optimizing the protection you get on your drive.

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