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Can you use the external battery pack on a 2-channel system?Updated a year ago

Of course! All of the battery packs we carry on our website is designed to power both single-channel dash cams as well as dual-channel camera systems.

Power Duration Capabilities

Cellink NEO

BlackVue B-124X

Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50


76.8 Wh

76.8 Wh

57.6 Wh


45 hours

20-30 hours

20 hours


28 hours

15-20 hours

16 hours

Charging time (hardwired)

45 mins

40 mins

45 mins

Charging time (5A Cigarette Plug)

1 hr 20 mins

80 mins

60 mins

Want to learn more about the external battery packs? We have videos on that:

Prefer to read about it, visit our What are Dash Cam Battery Packs on our website.

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