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How do I connect via the Thinkware hotspot?Updated a year ago

Completing a Hotspot Connection on any of our Cloud-based Dash Cams (F800PRO, Q800PRO, QA100 ELITE, U1000) completes registration for the Thinkware Cloud Features. 

You must connect via hotspot to your dash cam to use the Cloud Features

To complete this registration, you must use a Smartphones Hotspot first, afterwards, you will then be able to connect to a Hotspot Device/In-Vehicle WiFi.

Registration cannot be completed with a In-Vehicle WiFi Hotspot or Hotspot Device.

This process must be done exactly, otherwise, you will need to restart from step 1.

  1. Write Down your smartphone's SSID (username) and Password for your Hotspot. Ensure Hotspot has been turned OFF.
  2. Open the Thinkware Cloud App and press the "Not Connected" Bar on the Main Screen. (May also say "Dash Cam Connection is required".
  3. Select Connect with another Device, then select your Dash Cam model.
  4. Select Connect via Hotspot
  5. Select Yes, to register the Hotspot.
  6. First, activate the Dash Cams WiFi by pressing the WiFi Button on the Dash Cam itself and connect to the Thinkware WiFi Network.
  7. Once your smartphone states connected to the Thinkware WiFi, press Next and enter your phone's hotspots SSID and Password. **This must be entered exactly. The Dash Cam is case sensitive.
  8. Select, Next. The Dash Cam will now disconnect from WiFi and begin looking for a Hotspot.
  9. Now Turn on your Phone’s Hotspot and DO NOT LEAVE the Hotspot Setting Screen. If you re-enter the Thinkware Cloud App before the Hotspot Connects you will need to restart from step 1.
  10. Once you hear the Dash Cam say "Connected to the Internet" you can then open the Thinkware Cloud App.

You are now connected via Hotspot!

Connecting to a Hotspot Device

First ensure you are currently connected to the Dash Cam via Smartphone Hotspot. If the process below is not followed in order, the connection may fail. If the connection has failed you will need to reconnect the Dash Cam to your smartphone's hotspot to restart.

Follow the process below to connect to your In-Vehicle WiFi Hotspot or Hotspot Device.

  1. Open the Connection Settings in the Thinkware Cloud Application.
  2. Select Hotspot Settings, and select the + Symbol in the top right.
  3. Input your hotspot device's SSID and Password. *Ensure this is exact as the Dash Cam is case sensitive.
  4. After the Input has been completed, and you have been returned to the Hotspot Settings Screen, simply tap the Network you have just added to connect.
  5. The Dash Cam will disconnect from the Phone's Hotspot and begin searching for the Cars Hotspot.
  6. Turn off your smartphone's Hotspot.
  7. Once you hear "Connected to the Internet" the Dash Cam has been connected to the Cars Hotspot.
Please note that when the Dash Cam is connected to a Hotspot Device and NOT to your smartphone directly, you will only have access to the Cloud Features Screen. To access the File List, and Dash Cam Settings you will need to connect with your smartphone directly to the Dash Cam.
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