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How do I disable audio recording for my Thinkware dash cam?Updated a year ago

All Thinkware dash cams come equipped with a built-in microphone for recording audio in the cabin.

Certain states/provinces in North America have strict laws which require all parties in the vehicle to consent to any audio recording. There are currently 12 States with these Dash Cam Regulations including; California, Florida, and Washington. Due to these regulations, many Dash Cam users prefer to disable the audio recording to prevent possible ramifications.

Disabling the Audio Recording on Thinkware Dash Cams is extremely simple. Audio Recording can be disabled on the device itself and does not require a connection to the Mobile App or WiFi.


Hold the Rec Button on the Dash Cam for 3 Seconds. You will hear “Voice Recording Disabled”.


Simply press the button labelled with a Microphone Symbol. You will hear “Voice Recording Disabled.”


Tap the Microphone Symbol on the left hand side of the Touchscreen . You will hear “Voice Recording Disabled.”

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