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How do I resolve an SD Card Failure alert?Updated a year ago

If you hear the SD card error alert, it means your dash cam has encountered an error with the SD card and can’t start recording. No need to panic, it could be as simple as a faulty SD card or an incompatible SD card.

There are a couple of things you can do:

1) Reformat the SD Card

You can reformat your SD card using your PC or Mac computer, or you can simply leave the SD card in your dash cam and use the WiFi/Format button on the camera, if your camera has this. It is generally recommended to format through the computer, as this is more reliable, and will notify you if the card is not able to format.

BlackVue cameras specifically are very picky on the format type of the camera, and will need to be formatted into FAT32 specifically. If your computer does not provide you with FAT32 as a format type, then you can format through the BlackVue PC viewer.

2) Replace the SD Card

We recommend either the SanDisk Ultra A1, or Samsung EVO SD cards, both of which we have fully tested with our dash cameras.

If you have done all the above but your camera is still sending you failure alerts, then we recommend contacting us so we can further investigate and assist you.

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