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Why am I getting a battery drain warning message?Updated 10 days ago

On many of today's luxury vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover/Land Rover, and MINI you may receive a Battery Drain warning message on your dashboard.

If this occurs after you have installed a dash camera it is because the dash camera is drawing power (current) from the vehicle battery while the vehicle is off (the camera is running in parking mode).

Here are 2 ways to resolve this:

1. Disable parking mode and run the dash camera while the vehicle is running only.

PRO: You will never have the warning message ever again, and you will never have the chance of a dead vehicle battery due to the dash camera running in parking mode.

CON: You will no longer have parking mode recording.

2. Add a battery pack to your dash cam setup

PRO: It will get rid of the warning message and while you still get parking mode from your dash camera.

CON: Cost for product + installation

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