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If I drive an offroad vehicle, what's the best way to ensure that my dash cam footage is smooth?Updated a year ago

This is going to be a tough one because with the stiff suspension, your ride is going to be quite shaky! However, here are our best tips for your setup. In general, our cameras can be used for offroading as they are made to hold up for this kind of ride. It'll be a bit shaky, but with the adhesive mounting tape, it's going to stay on your windshield!

For the sensors, this will have to be adjusted accordingly so that the sensitivity will have to be at a minimum in order to not trigger constantly. To be honest, it's a difficult question to answer without actually being in your vehicle to test out, but what we recommend is giving it a shot first - adjust your settings after some testing - and then let us know if you have any questions for further recommendations.

Here's a video from BlackVue featuring the NORRA MEXICAN 1000 5-day race in Mexico using the BlackVue DR900S-2CH.

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