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My SD card is stuck in "Read-Only" mode!Updated 2 months ago

At times, it may be necessary to access the SD card you are using for your dash camera to format it or access the files. When doing so, you may encounter an issue where you can't make any changes on the card due to it being in “Read-only” mode. This implies that data cannot be written or deleted on this card. To prevent this, check the SD card adapter and ensure that the little switch on the side of it is not in the “Lock” position. This will not allow you to format or record new files onto the card. After switching the card to the “unlocked” position, you should now be able to utilize your card in your dash camera. If you continue to have issues, your card might be corrupted and may need to be replaced.

Most dash cam manufacturers cover their Micro SD cards for 6 months, while some aftermarket Micro SD manufacturers may warranty them for 1 year or even the lifetime of the card. However, do note that some manufacturers don't warranty cards that are used in dash cams due to the abusive nature of loop recording. It's important to understand that cards are a consumable item and eventually will fail if used in a dash cam. We always recommend having a spare card handy, even if it's a smaller one, so that when your card does fail you will not be out of a dash cam for too long. It's best to keep this spare card in your vehicle, perhaps in the ashtray or glovebox.

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