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My BlackVue camera keeps repeating "Dash Cam Model Error"Updated a year ago

Sorry to hear that your BlackVue Dashcam keeps repeating the message "Dash Cam Model Error" when you power the unit up!

Usually, this issue is SD card-related, and is resolvable.

Essentially, your camera is telling you that there is information on the SD card for another BlackVue camera model, and the camera is refusing to write onto this card because of this.

The first course of action should be to fully wipe the SD card, by formatting it into FAT32 through a computer. This will ensure that there is nothing on the SD card that is interfering with the camera. If this does not work, please download and open the BlackVue PC viewer. Using this viewer, you should see the camera model that the SD card is registered with in the top left. Ensure this is the correct model, and format once more, through the BlackVue PC viewer's format button in the top right.

If issues continue, it is possible that the SD card has gone bad. Please try using a new SD card that has been formatted into FAT32. This can be the case if the camera is unable to write files on the SD card, an indication that the card is write-protected.

If you were in the process of updating the firmware, and this issue arises, then it is possible that the incorrect firmware version was downloaded, for a different camera model.

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