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My Car Isn't Driven Much But I Want Parking Mode RecordingUpdated a year ago

Parking mode recording is made possible either by hardwiring the dash cam to the vehicle’s fusebox or through a battery pack. Power is drawn from one of these sources to the dash cam to enable parking mode. Premium dash cams are smart enough to not record when nothing is happening, and only trigger recording when motion or impact are detected. For example, a dash cam will only start recording when someone walks by or when something hits the vehicle. This is great as power and memory storage are not wasted, and only the crucial files are recorded.

With that being said, even if nothing is occuring, the camera will still draw power, as the camera needs to be active enough to detect something that happens. Rest assured that nearly all of our cameras have built-in voltage protection, so the camera will stop drawing power once it detects your car battery has been drawn low enough.

On average, depending on the strength of your car battery, our cameras will draw for 7-8 hours of parking mode. There can be some natural wear and tear on your car battery with this, as is the case with any draw on the vehicle battery once the car is turned off.

If you are looking for longer parking mode duration, and to eliminate all wear and tear on the car battery, then a battery pack is recommended. Our PowerCell 8 battery will give 25-35 hours of parking mode, depending on the camera attached. If hardwired, this battery would take 50 minutes of driving to fully charge. If you are not driving enough for this, you can charge the battery inside your house with a Power Inverter.

Learn more about parking mode recording: What is Parking Mode?

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