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My dash cam memory card won't format. What should I do?Updated 10 days ago

If your SD card will not format, and/or you are getting an error message when formatting, it is most likely that your SD card is corrupted, and no longer usable.

Some additional tips to ensure your SD card is faulty: 

  • Format with another SD card formatted
  • Format with another computer
  • Format with another formatting tool on your computer
  • Format another SD card for reference
  • Inspect for physical damage
  • Ensure that your SD card formatting tool's lock switch is not turned on
  • Try a different format type

An SD card becoming write-protected(faulty) due to dash cam use is not irregular, as dash cams' read/write cycles are quite aggressive. On average, SD cards have a lifespan of 6-12 months.

However, do note that many manufacturers don't warranty cards that are used in dash cams due to the abusive nature of loop recording. It's important to understand that cards are a consumable item and eventually will fail if used in a dash cam. We always recommend having a spare card handy, even if it's a smaller one, so that when your card does fail, you will not be out of a dash cam for too long. It's best to keep this spare card in your vehicle, perhaps in the ashtray or glovebox.

BlackboxMyCar is proud to say that all the microSD cards we offer have been rigorously tested to ensure compatibility and to offer the longest lifespan as well. 

Our third-party microSD cards undergo the same quality testing and are a more affordable SD card option. No matter what card you buy from us, it is covered under a one-year in-house warranty, so you can rest assured that we’ll resolve any issues you may encounter.

For more information on what to look for in choosing an SD card for a dash cam, check out our SD card page here. 

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