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My rear camera is now showing on my front camera screen.Updated a year ago

  1. Please remove the SD card, then press the reset button on the underside of the Dash Cam. Then, without the SD card inserted, please plug in the rear camera. Then turn on the front camera. Does it now start normally? Can you now see the rear camera image?
  2. Clean all of your rear camera connectors with an alcohol wipe to ensure that they're clean and free of debris.
  3. Ensure the Rear Window Camera cable is fully inserted where the cables join- it should click when it's fully connected together.
  4. Ensure your Dash Cam's Firmware is on the latest firmware available (can be found on the front camera's individual Support page).
  5. Ensure you're using a suitable U3 SD card. I'd recommend a Dash Cam compatible U3 SD card, specifically designed for Dash Cam or CCTV usage. Using a dash cam compatible SD card instead should then allow your Dash Cam to function as designed. For guaranteed functionality and warranty, I'd suggest a Nextbase SD card.
  6. Format your SD card.

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