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My BlackVue dash cam's rear camera is not working. How do I troubleshoot it?Updated a year ago

Start Here:

  • Update the dash cam's firmware
  • Make sure that you are using the coaxial cable (rear camera cable) that came with the dash cam. Similar cables - or sometimes even BlackVue coaxial cables of older models - can cause compatibility issues.
  • Turn on the dash cam and check if the power LED on the rear camera is ON. If it isn't, power off the dash cam and unplug the coaxial cable from the front and rear camera carefully.
  • Check if the MCX jacks (female connectors) on the front / rear camera or the connection pins (male connectors) of the coaxial cable are damaged.

Check your Coaxial Ports & Pins:

  1. Are the coaxial pins on the ends of the cable intact? Are the pins straight and not bent or snapped off?
  2. Are the coaxial port connectors on the front and rear units intact and not damaged?

If the coaxial pins and coaxial ports are fine, please perform a firmware reflash by following the below:

  1. Go to BlackVue Firmware Downloads
  2. The instructions are in 8 steps at the top of the page
  3. Scroll down to the firmware section and locate your dash cam model
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