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What should I do if my front Thinkware dash cam keeps rebooting with the rear camera?Updated a year ago

If the front dash cam continually restarts with a rear camera attached, first disconnect the rear camera and test if the rebooting Stops.

If the Rebooting Stops:

Please check the 3 digits that follow BCFH- (can be found on the back of the Rear Camera) to ensure you have the correct rear camera for your model.

  • BCFH-660: F100/F200/FA200
  • BCFH-150: F750/F770/X500/X550
  • BCFH-200: F800/F800PRO/Q800PRO/QA100
If the Rebooting Continues:

Update/Re-download the latest Firmware for the Dash Cam via MicroSD Card.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also contact Thinkware support at [email protected].

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