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What are the recording lengths of each recording mode on the Thinkware Q800PRO?Updated a year ago

Continuous Modes

  • Continuous Mode: 1 Minute increments
  • Manual Recording: 1 minute, from 10 seconds before pressing Manual button to 50 seconds after
  • Incident Recording:  20 seconds, from 10 seconds before the detection to 10 seconds after the detection, and stored in the "evt_rec" folder.

Parking Modes

  • Motion & Impact Detection: 10 seconds before incident up to 10 seconds after ; 20 Second Clip
  • Timelapse*: 2 Minute Video; 2 fps for 10 minutes, compressed into 2 minutes
  • Energy Savings Mode* 20 second clip, starting from the 1 second after the incident occurs

 *- in specific models 

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