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I'm getting a "Format SD Regularly for Data Integrity" error. What's happening?Updated a year ago

If the dash cam states "Format SD Regularly for Data Integrity" upon each startup, this is an indication that your microSD Card may be corrupt. 

To fix the issue:
  1. Format the SD Card in your Home Computer. If your computer gives you an error and is unable to complete the format, the SD has gone corrupt and must be replaced. A corrupt SD Card will not save the Video Files accordingly.
  2. Re-download the latest version of Firmware to the Dash Cam.
  3. If using a 3rd Party SD Card please test with the Original Thinkware SD to pinpoint if the card is the issue. 

If the issue persists please contact us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact Thinkware directly at [email protected].

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