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Should you use a Go Pro as a dash cam?Updated a year ago

Pros of Using a GoPro as a Dash Cam

Starting off with the pros of the GoPro as a dash cam, we have camera quality and lens view angle. The GoPro not only excels in these departments, it’s one of the better cameras you can buy for high-quality, ultra-wide angles. Additionally, looped recording is included as a base feature of the device, which allows the memory card to continue overwriting itself when full, in order to keep saving new footage until something worth saving happens.

Cons of Using a GoPro as a Dash Cam

The list of cons we discovered for the GoPro as a dash cam device is more extensive. First of all, the GoPro is expensive compared to many dash cams, and it’s also very recognizable. Having a GoPro mounted on your dash at all times is showing everyone that passes by your vehicle what you have inside. People know how much GoPro’s cost, and it could be an invitation for theft. A traditional dash cam is designed to be sleek on a dashboard and inconspicuous to passersby. It’s also designed to withstand extreme temperatures on a car dashboard, something that the GoPro just can’t handle.

Next, the GoPro lacks features inherent to almost every price level of dash cam, such as long battery life and the ability to auto-launch when you turn on the vehicle. For the average GoPro user, those features just aren’t necessary. However, when you start using one as a dash cam, you’ll quickly realize how frustrating it is to deal with on a constant basis. Actual dash cams are made to work with little input from you, until you need the footage following an accident or some other event.

The final thing that sets the GoPro down a few pegs from even mid-tier dash cams is the number of useful software features, which we’ll break down below.

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