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My BlackVue dash cam is continuously triggering beep sounds. How do I fix it?Updated a year ago

The beep sounds trigger when the camera starts event recording during Normal Recording mode.

You can turn off the sound via BlackVue app by connecting to your dash cam through direct Wi-Fi using your phone:

  1. Connect with your dash cam through direct wifi
  2. Go to the BlackVue app
  3. Go to the Blackvue Wi-Fi
  4. Go to the Settings
  5. Go to System Settings
  6. Turn the "Starting Event Recording (beep)" off

You can also change it via BlackVue PC viewer:

  1. Connect SD card to your computer
  2. Launch BlackVue viewer
  3. Go to the firmware settings
  4. Go to the System settings
  5. Turn the "Starting event recording (beep)" off
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