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The date and time of my BlackVue camera keeps resettingUpdated a year ago

Sorry to hear that the date and time of your BlackVue camera keeps resetting. Sometimes this will happen once the camera fully loses power, going out of normal recording or parking mode. Let's ensure a few basic steps are followed first.

  1. Please ensure the firmware is updated
  2. Please try using a different SD card, and see if the issue persists.
  3. Please try manually setting settings through the BlackVue PC viewer, instead of through the BlackVue smartphone application

If all steps have been followed, and the date and time continue to reset, then unfortunately the RTC Battery (sometimes called a CMOS Battery) is faulty. Basically, this camera relies on this RTC to keep a constant record of the current time, even when the camera itself has shut down. Replacing this battery is rather complicated, and would involve getting inside of the BlackVue unit, which we are unable to advise on.

RTC batteries can give out due to old age, in older units, generally between the 5-7 year mark.

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