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"This dash cam is not supported" message when connecting camera to the Thinkware appUpdated a year ago

If you are connecting to your Thinkware camera's wifi, and then attempting to connect in the Thinkware application, but are receiving the message "This dash cam is not supported. The connection will end", then I have good news, as this is an easy fix.

Here is an image of the message for reference:

This means that you are using the wrong Thinkware application. Thinkware has 2 main applications, Thinkware Dash Cam Link, and Thinkware Cloud. It's important that you are using the right application for your respective camera.

Thinkware cameras that use Thinkware Dash Cam Link:

Thinkware Q1000 - Thinkware F200 Series - Thinkware F790 - Thinkware T700 series - Thinkware M1 (motorcycle).

Thinkware cameras that use Thinkware Cloud:

Thinkware U1000 - Thinkware Q800/F800 Pro - Thinkware FA200 - Thinkware QA100

These applications are very similar, with the key differences being that the Thinkware Cloud offering the use of cloud features, with Thinkware Dash Cam Link being used for newer Thinkware models that do not use the Cloud.

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