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What are the compatible accessories of my BlackVue DR900X to the new BlackVue DR970X?Updated a year ago

If you are looking to upgrade to the DR970X from the DR900X Plus from an older BlackVue model, here’s what you need to know in terms of cables and accessories compatibility:

  1. DR970X/X-Plus Power cables - compatible with the DR970X, so if you already have them all set up you can simply leave them in place and just swap out the dash cams. 

  2. DR970X/X-Plus Rear/Coaxial cables - compatible with the DR970X. Again, you can use what you already have set up and just swap out the dash cams.

  3. DR970X-Plus Rear camera - yes, the DR970X uses the same rear camera as the DR900X Plus, so if your old rear camera is stuck on the vehicle, you could leave it there and just connect it to the new DR970X.  

  4. Battery pack - yes, the DR970X is compatible with the BlackVue B-124X and B-130X, as well as the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8.

  5. DR970X/X-Plus LTE Tamper-proof mount - the DR970X is compatible with the BTC-3A Tamper-Proof mount

  6. DR970X/X-Plus LTE mount - the DR970X LTE is compatible with the mount of previous LTE versions and models

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