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DR970X/DR770X Series

What are the compatible accessories of my BlackVue DR900X to the new BlackVue DR970X?

If you are looking to upgrade to the DR970X from the DR900X Plus from an older BlackVue model, here’s what you need to know in terms of cables and accessories compatibility:. DR970X/X-Plus Power cables - compatible with the DR970X, so if you already

What does the Box of the BlackVue DR770X Box do?

BlackVue designed the DR770X Box to be a separate unit from the cameras, carrying the BlackVue dash cam's processor, WiFi source, and memory card. The DR770X Box has three cameras - one each for the front, rear, and interior. The DR770X cameras are l

What are the new touch sensors on the BlackVue DR770X and BlackVue DR970X dash cams?

Proximity sensors are the part of your dash cam which can detect the presence of nearby objects without making physical contact, which can be triggered by hanging air fresheners or light rays that enter your car unintentionally due to sensitivity. No

Does the main camera of the DR770X Box have the tamper-proof casing?

All three cameras – front, rear, and interior – of the BlackVue DR770X Box are equipped with tamper-proof casing. This casing prevents the cabling from being unplugged, and the camera taken off the mount. To take off the mount and cable, it must be u

What is the security alarm in my BlackVue DR770X Box for?

Once the head unit itself has been disconnected from the Box unit, the Box itself will enter into an emergency mode where it blares loudly like a car alarm. This is an additional security feature of the DR770X Box, effective in startling unknown intr