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Why are there light streaks in my dash cam video?Updated a year ago

Noticed light streaks in your dash cam videos? Long light streaks in your dash cam video can sometimes be caused by factors related to your windshield. This can include the curvature of the windshield or substances like dust, dirt, or smudges on its surface. When bright lights hit the windshield at certain angles, these factors can cause light to scatter or refract, leading to streaks in the video. To minimize this issue, ensure your windshield is clean and free of any substances that could cause distortion, and also try adjusting your dash cam's angle to find a position that reduces these streaks.

We recommend using a CPL filter for your dash cam to reduce glare and reflections. On the windshield, you can also apply an Aqua Shield to stay protected against dust, rain, and other environmental elements. 

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