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Why is my dash cam powering off by itself while driving?Updated a year ago

If you are using a 12V Power Cable

  1. Make sure the 12V Power Cable is plugged in properly
  2. If you have just updated the dash cam firmware, the problem could be caused by an update failure. If this is the case, please contact us so we can better assist you.

If you are using the hardwiring kit

  1. Make sure you have hardwired the dash cam properly.
    1. ACC(Red) need to be connected to a switched fuse, which is on only when the ignition is on.
    2. VCC(=B+)(Yellow) need to be connected to a constant fuse, which is on even if the ignition is off.
    3. GND(Black) should be connected to a bolt that is physically contacted to metal surface around fuse box.
  2. Check your battery life. Keep in mind that if the input voltage goes down below the LBP(lower battery protection) setting, the dash cam will power down to prevent overdraining the car battery.

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