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Wire Free Dashcams - Are these available on the market?Updated a year ago

Currently, there are no wireless dash cams available on the market.

Many new dash cam users believe connecting the rear camera to the front camera wirelessly should be an option as they are unwilling to tamper with the interior of their vehicles when installing a 2 Channel System.

This is an option dash cam manufacturers do not invest in due to the fact that many users would face issues if their dashcams where to be fully battery operated. From users forgetting to charge their dashcams and missing important events to missing on crucial functions that exist when a dashcam is connected to the vehicle. Parking mode is a great example of this.

Using a trim tool during the installation makes this process easy and risk free if done properly. We have several installation videos available which display this technique. One of our favourites is the "Best Discreet Dash Cams & Install Tips"

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