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ThinkCar 1S

Can I use the same ThinkCar 1S on multiple vehicles?

The OBD-II Functions Scan function can be used on multiple cars without additional charges. However, the Full System Diagnosis function is limited to one vehicle per purchase. If you wish to use the Full System Diagnosis function, including the Full

How does Real-Time Remote Diagnostics work?

Before you being Real-Time Remote Diagnostics, please make sure your mobile device is connected to the Internet. To start real-time remote diagnostics:. 1. Open the ThinkCar App on your mobile device and select the Real Time Remote Diagnostics functi

Does my mobile device require an Internet connection to use the ThinkCar App?

Internet is not required to run diagnostic scans or check your car's OBD data. Once your scanner tool is inserted into the OBD port, simply search for the Thinkcar using your Bluetooth settings and connect. However, if you want to use Real-time Remot

How do I activate the Full Systems Scan function?

The ThinkCar 1S comes with OBD Full Functions as well as Full System Scan. The OBD Full Functions scan is free and you can access it using the ThinkCar App. The Full System Scan functionality requires the purchase of a single-vehicle subscription. Op

Why do I need the Black Box function?

Black box is essentially OBD live data recording. Once you have enabled the Black Box function on the ThinkCar App, the ThinkCar 1S will start recording OBD data, and it will continue to record until you press stop. In other words, you can drive aro

Is there a manual for the ThinkCar 1S?

There sure is! Download the manual for the ThinkCar 1S:. Thanks for stopping by!. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our support t