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Can I use my ZZAIR-CP for my Android Auto enabled car?

Unfortunately, you can’t use this device for your Android Auto car. This only works for vehicles with Apple CarPlay. If you wish to explore more of our products compatible with your vehicle, please check this ZZ-2 collections page. The ZZAir-Duo, and

Does the ZZAIR-CP work with all aftermarket radios?

The ZZAIR-CP works with Aftermarket radios with Apple CarPlay, except for Sony aftermarket radios. The ZZAIR-Duo and other ZZAIR products will work with Aftermarket radios. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to fur

Does the ZZAIR-CP also work for Netflix and YouTube?

No. The ZZAIR-CP wireless USB dongle allows you to connect to your CarPlay remotely, via bluetooth. This means that you can only use the iPhone apps from your phone. If you wish to have access to Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services instantl

Does the ZZ-2 Zeus Ultra require internet connection?

Yes, it requires an internet connection to supply streaming services. Either pair it with an outside wifi source, or insert a SIM card directly into the ZZ-2 ZEUS ULTRA with its SIM slot. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your

What is the SIM Card slot of the ZZ-2 Zeus Ultra for?

The Zeus Ultra has a SIM card slot for its data connectivity features. This device can act as a mobile hotspot for other gadgets including your phone, and even a cloud-ready dash cam like what we have from BlackVue and Thinkware. We love hearing from

Which SIM cards are compatible with the ZZ-2 Zeus Ultra?

The compatible SIM card for the Zeus Ultra can be 4G or 5G, and must be unlocked and activated before use. A data-only SIM card plan is recommended, same as would go into a tabet. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback

What is the SD card slot in the ZZ-2 ZZAIR PRO for?

The ZZAIR-PRO contains an SD card slot that enables you to play music, photos, and videos over your vehicle's infotainment system once a pre-loaded card is inserted. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further im

Can I use my dash cam’s micro SD card with the ZZAIR PRO?

Yes, you can! If you want to immediately review footage from your dash cam over your infotainment system, simply take the SD card out of the dash cam, plug it into the ZZAIR-PRO, and you can watch it on your car’s media player. We love hearing from o

Will my vehicle's infotainment screen remain the same when the ZZAIR PRO is connected?

No, the ZZAIR PRO will lead you to a new home screen once you connect it to your head unit. The home screen will display new icons such as Netflix, YouTube, and other apps where you can view your media files. You are able to switch back to your defau

How can I update the firmware of the ZZAIR-PRO?

To update the firmware, download the update package ( on the SD Card. Next, insert it into the ZZAIR-PRO's SD card slot. Once plugged in, a pop-up window will show on your head unit. Check the option “Wipe data and format flash”. Next, tap