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My smartphone doesn't connect to my BlackVue dash cam's wi-fi. How do I fix it?Updated a year ago

Follow the below steps and try connecting the dash cam after each step to check if it solves the issue.

  1. Turn-off the cellular data network (3G- LTE) of your phone and try to connect to direct Wi-fi.                                                                                                                                     
  2. Turn on the Location in the app settings of your phone and try to connect.                                                                                                                              
  3. If you are using an Android phone, turn off  "Smart Network switch"on your phone.
    If you are using an iPhone, turn off "Wifi Assist".
  4. Erase the stored information of the dash cam's Wi-Fi in your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings:
    1. Android: press and hold the dash cam's Wi-Fi SSID and when the pop-up appears, click on
      "Forget Network".
    2. iOS: Click on the info icon and then click on "Forget this Network". 
  5. Turn off the Wi-Fi of your smartphone. Also, turn OFF the dash cam's Wi-Fi by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the side of the dash cam, wait for 10~15 seconds and press the button once again to turn it back on. Now turn on your smartphone's Wi-Fi and try to connect to the dash cam.  
  6. If above doesn't solve the issue, Reset the dash cam's Wi-Fi password  or upgrade the dash cam's firmware and try again.
    Please note that the dash cam's Wi-Fi password is case sensitive, which means that same upper case and lower case letters are different. For example, "A" and "a" are considered different letters.
  7. Sometimes, a particular smartphone may fail to connect to the dash cam's Wi-Fi. If possible, try to connect to the dash cam's Wi-Fi by using another smartphone and send us the model number and OS version of the smartphone that can't be connected to the dash cam's Wi-Fi.


  • To connect your smartphone to the BlackVue dash cam's Wi-Fi, stay near the dash cam (the distance between the dash cam and the smartphone should not be more than 10m [32 ft])
  • Check if the Wi-Fi LED on the dash cam is ON or blinking. If it isn't, press the Wi-Fi button to turn it ON or restart the dash cam.
  • The dash cam’s Wi-Fi SSID should appear almost instantly in the Wi-Fi networks menu of the smartphone when the dash cam boots up or when turned on by pressing the Wi-Fi button. However, in order to establish a connection successfully, it is recommended to wait for 15~20 seconds to let the Wi-Fi set up properly.
  • Only one phone or tablet can be connected to a BlackVue dash cam at a time. For this reason, make sure that the dash cam is not connected to any other device when you are trying to connect to it.
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