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What's included in my Free BlackVue Over the Cloud account?

The BlackVue app allows you to create a free account easily. Your free BlackVue Over the Cloud account includes the following:. We have a page detailing the specific features of BlackVue Over the Cloud here. In the BlackVue app, tap the hamburger ico

How do I register for a BlackVue Over the Cloud account?

Please refer to the below instructions on how to register for the BlackVue Cloud service:. Please note that if you do not have a QR code or a cloud code, you can request this information from BlackVue by emailing them at [email protected]. Include in

What type of SIM card should I ask for to use with my BlackVue LTE model/module?

If you have recently purchased a CM100 LTE module, or LTE BlackVue model, then you'll likely need a SIM card to properly use the cloud feature these are for. This will be supplied by your Cell-Service provider, or another local provider. Here are som

What is Event Auto-Upload and how do I set it up?

This feature allows the dash cam to automatically upload live stream or recording files in low. resolution to BlackVue Cloud. By default the Event Auto-upload feature is disabled. To enable and configure it, please follow these steps:. We love hearin

CM100G LTE Full Connection Process

BlackVue’s CM100G LTE module, a useful tool allowing for a connection for your dash cam to the BlackVue Cloud. These instructions also apply to the built-in LTE models, though this article will be referring mainly to the LTE module. This is mainly pe

Will there be a notification to my phone when someone hits my car while it is parked?

Yes, there will be! This is what BlackVue Over the Cloud notifications are all about. When your BlackVue dash cam is connected to a mobile hotspot, your Cloud feature opens you up to all sorts of advanced features, including push notifications, real-

How do I use BlackVue Over the Cloud?

We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our support team ([email protected]) if you need further assistance from us.

Privacy: Can I turn off automatic video sharing on the BlackVue Event map?

Yes. If you have updated to the latest version of the BlackVue app, BlackVue has removed the auto-sharing option in the Event Map feature. Go to the Connect to Cloud menu > Tap the vertical ellipsis icon ⋮ (3 vertical dots) > Tap Settings >  Privacy

What does "Exceeded Video Play & Download Limit" or "Live View Limit" mean on my BlackVue Cloud?

For BlackVue dash cams, you can replay or download a maximum of 100 recordings per month over the Cloud. This limit resets after every 30 days. If you get the "Exceeded Video play & Download limit " notification, it means that you have already reache

Is the BlackVue Cloud’s Voice Call feature different from Two-Way Voice Communication?

Yes. Voice Call is a new function that replaces Two-Way Voice Communication for the X Plus series and later models. With Voice Call, you can start a conversation from your BlackVue App or Viewer with the driver via the BlackVue dash cam installed in

Does using the Event Map consume my free BlackVue Cloud storage?

You don’t have to worry about running out of space. When a video is shared to the Event Map, it is transferred from the BlackVue Cloud server to a separate Event Map server. This means that the transfer does not use any data bandwidth and the Event M

What happens to the Event Map video if I accidentally delete my footage?

When you share a video on the Event Map, a copy of the video is saved on the Event Map server. If you accidentally delete the original footage, the copy of the Event Map will remain unaffected. Conversely, deleting the Event Map video will not impact