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Affiliate Partners

How do I receive my commission payouts as an Affiliate Partner?

To receive your commission payouts, please note the following information:. Your commission will be held for a minimum of 14 days, and will not be paid out until the 1st of the month. Please make sure your PayPal email has been entered into the Payme

How do I sign up as an affiliate partner?

Hi there, thank you for your interest in signing up as an affiliate partner. To sign up, you can select the following links:. You can use the same email for both programs and they will be linked into one account. Sign ups are automatically approved.

How do I get started as an affiliate partner?

When you sign up and first log in to your affiliate partner account, this is what you will see. To log in, you need the following information:. When you first log in, we encourage you to start off by adding in your PayPal email so that you will autom

Can I get a discount code for my friends & family?

Your dedicated referral link which you receive when you register will provide your users with the 5% off orders over $250 USD / $300 CAD, automatically applied when they check out. If you're an existing user who had dedicated coupon codes, then they