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Thinkware Application/Cloud

What is Thinkware Cloud and how does it work?

If you are a new Thinkware dash cam owner, one of the first steps is registering your dash cam. The only dash cams that require an account to be made, and to be registered are the F800 Pro, Q800PRO, QA100 Elite and the U1000. All other dash cams do n

How do I monitor my vehicle with Thinkware Cloud?

Whether you are looking to monitor your vehicle(s) for personal security or fleet management, the three new Thinkware Cloud features can provide critical information on the status and whereabouts of your vehicle directly to your iOS/Android smartphon

"This dash cam is not supported" message when connecting camera to the Thinkware app

If you are connecting to your Thinkware camera's wifi, and then attempting to connect in the Thinkware application, but are receiving the message "This dash cam is not supported. The connection will end", then I have good news, as this is an easy fix

Is there a monthly fee to using Thinkware Cloud?

Thinkware Cloud is completely free to use, and will provide users with advanced features including push notifications, real-time video, GPS tracking, and Cloud backup, and more! As long as your Thinkware Cloud-compatible dash cam is connected to a mo

I never received the Thinkware Cloud Confirmation email. How do I proceed?

After creating your account on the Thinkware Cloud app, Thinkware will send you an email to confirm and activate your Cloud account. You must open the email and click on the link to confirm your account and successfully register your Thinkware Dash C

How can I set up the Emergency Text Feature on the Thinkware Connected app?

The Thinkware U3000, along with the Q1000, is equipped with an Emergency Text Feature. To enable this, simply follow the instructions below:. 1. Go to Thinkware CONNECTED App and click the settings icon at the top right. 2. Enable the 'Send Emergency

How many dash cams can I register in my Thinkware Connected account?

Every Thinkware Connected account can link up to 30 Thinkware dash cams for free. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd love to get your feedback to further improve your experience with us. Let us know how we're doing, or contact our support t

Can I add multiple internet connections to the same Thinkware CONNECTED app?

Yes. You can add multiple connections like a dedicated hotspot device, your home, and office Wi-Fi, on the app, and when it is in range, the dash cam will automatically connect with the available network. We love hearing from our customers, and we'd